Friday, July 24, 2009

(what i tried to post earlier today)

good morning!
this is my first attempt at email-blogging... yep, I have my iPhone set up, so I can blog on the go. we'll see if this actually works... [FYI: it didn't work]

(yes, I promise I'll post the recipe SOON!)
today I'm feeling, um, like, "I just dare anybody to cross me: I do what I want" (thank you, Christy Moon Jefferson). I slept in (til the slothly hour of 5:15am), didn't walk the dog (yeah, take THAT. no seriously, that's probably the one thing I DO feel guilty about), rolled out of bed just in time to throw Tom's food in his frozen lunchbox (this is Arizona, remember?) and take him to the bus stop, and then I rebelliously decided that I refused to rush around showering and watering plants before speeding to catch my own bus. So I didn't shower, and I didn't water the plants. take THAT, universe! besides, my plants are looking dismal, anyway, and what is the point, honestly, of showering just to please a few morning patients when we (employees) are being being cruelly forced to survive an afternoon with no scheduled patients, for the second time this week, just so certain uppity-ups can go on vacation and not feel guilty for leaving their business unmanned, or - God forbid- close its doors for an entire 4 hours on a Friday afternoon.
yes, I spritzed on a little perfume, a couple obligatory swipes of deodorant and clean clothes, but the body underneath is taking advice from her European ancestors: Dont bow to your germophobic, hyper-hygenic, head-to-toe shaving societal rules; be free!
no one will notice, anyway... it's not like you've been rebelling against that time-wasting device called a shower for several days, or even more than one...
this decision, however, created the need for some hairstyling creativity, as my long, fine locks don't keep secrets when it comes to skipping shampoo for more than 24 hours. I'm no beautician, and this was a challenge, considering wet hair makes my everyday, up-in-a-clip do a snap. hmph. I was working with dry, slightly greasy, clip-frumpled hair, desperately hoping a few bobby pins and a lot of hairspray would at least hold things together for the morning, after which any remaining facade of caring would truly be gone. I figured a style I had never tried even on a good day would be a fantastic addition to my "be free" look, so I forced that stuff up top to take on a new shape and called it good.
it will be interesting indeed to see how a day that starts like this unfolds...



  1. Ah yes, this is much better. Some of the scraps of your last post were out of order for me (?), thus making it quite a confusing read.
    Have you ever thought of writing for magazines? You'd be good, I think. Your style is very entertaining. :)

  2. You are too nice to me, friend.
    Thanks for the encouragement.
    I'd love to write all day.... I think.

  3. Oh, your secret is out. I would have never known you didn't shower until reading this! Fear not, your secret is safe with me.

  4. hey anonymous.... which one are you??? geez.
    this is confusing.
    AM or AF?
    or neither?