Thursday, July 9, 2009

infamous, and then she was gone

my mind is in a fog, thus the cool title of my post.
sad, but true, my foggy mind seems to produce better material than the other mind from which i write at times.

this photo you see is a teaser for an upcoming post regarding my infamous spinach-artichoke dip, known even to strangers whose names i cannot remember as "that great dip at the Witkins' party."

too bad, so sad, the only details i have the energy to reveal for now are those, um, already revealed.

i am retiring to my soft, cool bed quite soon, only to wake in a few short hours, walk the dog, water the garden and on to work for a perfectly long Friday, immediately followed by a multi-hour trip to a campsite we will share with several friends in a more north, more cool locale.
during this time i will be utterly unavailable.
not that you'd notice, just thought i'd let you know.

and i'm just too doggone exhausted to give you the beautifully-photo-journalled post you deserve with the secret recipe you've all been waiting for... and didn't even know it. yes, we often do not know what has been missing from our lives until we encounter it and realize it is now necessary to our existence.
take my iPhone, for example.
as of 03/29/2009.
prior to that, i was obviously living in a pitiable state of deprivation, scraping by each day with my weak Motorola Razor.... Razr... ? (sp?)

my beverage is gone, thus indicating bedtime.
please be well this weekend, and await my very first Internet Recipeshare with baited breath.

thanks for reading.


  1. good.
    and you shall be rewarded with a gluten free concoction of party proportions.

  2. hah. you are so wordy. i love it.