Saturday, August 15, 2009

Coming Soon: RecipeShare #2

i have just taken a hundred photos (maybe less, but it felt like a hundred) of my carrot cake-decorating adventure! yes, i baked and decorated a deliciously-delicious work of art for my dear Mr. Fantastic's mother's birthday today.
and we shall enjoy it later this evening.

i am in good spirits this afternoon.
it's about time, i'm sure you're all thinking...
i'll admit it.
creating stuff in the kitchen gives me such pleasure, and the endorphins are flowing.
onward, now, to make Spin-A-Jack Dip!

carrot cake recipe and photos coming soon, to a blog near you.
happy saturday,


  1. Hannah, thanks for stopping by THE MARTINI DIVA™, I'm glad you enjoy my martini tips and recipes!

    Since you are a foodie too you might want to check out my other site, The DIVA of TINY FOODS™.

    Now, you've captured my curiosity - exactly what is Spin-a-Jack Dip?? Sounds like something The Tiny Food Diva would be interested in!

  2. oh my goodness- it's the Pop Art Diva!!!
    i would be honored to share my Spin-A-Jack Dip recipe... and i have done so in a comment on your site. :)
    i'm looking forward to checking out your tiny food recipes- utterly up my alley!

  3. I want to learn to cook like you.

    After years of denying any joy in the art of cooking, I've realized my anti-domestic rants are really just ignorance. I can be a career woman AND enjoying cooking at the same time. I'm starting with little things right now, but I'm going to get to some of the more difficult things, and I'm so so excited.

  4. I loved the Spin-A-Jack dip at the martini party. You are a fantastic cook and I totally think you should open a bakery or restaurant so we can all enjoy your inventions!