Friday, September 11, 2009

the thing about Kate

well... i just realized i have two friends with the initials AM who read this blog... and now i am utterly confused.
not totally confused.
just a little...
combine that with 2.5 glasses of Pinot Noir, and you have a decent explanation.

but that doesn't matter, not compared to the subject of this post: my dearest, most wonderful Kate. if you have a sister even sort of comparable to Kate, you might be near the brink of understanding how it feels to be half a country away from her. but i don't expect you to be related to anyone nearly that special... that would probably be setting the bar too high. half a country, hmph. might as well be an entire universe. by the way, Kate is the prettier one in the photo.
she got the looks.
i got the guts.
not that she doesn't have guts... she's just probably smarter than me. more common sense, you know... someone has to have it in the family, you know, and i'm sure you're thinking about the sibling in your family that has the most common sense. maybe it's you, too lucky to be true, just like Kate. and i do mean "lucky" in the best sense possible.
such talent! such kindheartedness! how does a person get born with the most optimal combination of qualities?? it could be because she is the baby of the family. my brother and i must have gotten all the ornery genes that kind of floated to the top, first to be taken by the older kids, then the baby sister ended up with the more gentle, more patient attributes that were perfectly content to wait for that special child to be born.
Catherine Lorraine, my sweet baby sister.

i have to stop writing, now, or i might cry.

i love you, Kate.



  1. This is an awesome blog! I am sad because I can't read the first paragragh because the picture is cutting it off?! How do I fix that? I also have one of those "JUST AMAZING" little sister's that has it all!! I know just how you feel.


  2. I totally understand this. I have to say, that not all sisters feel this way, so you have something special. remember that.

  3. I am fortunate to understand what you mean, both in having amazing sisters and in being much too far away.
    Becca says we should just find a way to get rid of Nebraska. Then all of our families would be so much closer.